Are you looking for the best surround sound experience with your brand new home theater system? Or just trying to figure out what’s the right place to set your speaker to get a full audio experience? Than this simple but helpful article may do that for you.

The right audio experience has always been a benefit when watching movies or a favorite TV show, the surround sound can take you into the movie and will help you vivify the scene and show experience, nevertheless the right speakers might not be the right speakers if you don’t know how or where to set your sound system system to get its full performance.

One simple thing to do when looking for the right sound experience with your home theater system is, set the speakers in the right place, an exact location may be variable depending on the size and type of the room,

here are some tips and considerations you must have before setting your own speaker set.

First of all you ought to know the type of system you are buying, the most common set is the 5.1 which means you must have a central or main seating spot to accommodate and place the speakers aiming to that specific spot.

The distance between the speakers and seating; the front, left and right speakers are always set next to the TV or projector screen, the side or surround speakers are always next to the seating.

The right height will always be the ear level in case you have a tower speaker, but if you have in-ceiling speakers than getting a professional service is always the best option.

The number of speaker and the size of the room, big rooms require more speakers and a subwoofer to focus the sound, small rooms always require three speaker set, max and a subwoofer is not required.

No walls between you and the sound, this means you mustn’t have anything that may interfere between you and the speakers, a clear room is always a great enhancement for surround sound, take all the unnecessary things you have at your entertainment room, it will only interfere on your surround sound experience.

Set your own preferences in your audio system, all audio devices have the advantage to personalize or change the default audio settings in order you find the best and comfortable sound, so don’t be afraid and try, have in mind that if you don’t find the right settings you can set back the default settings.

So there you have a few tips to achieve a great surround sound for your home theater system, following the steps will end with an amazing and unique experience.